Product News: Setting New Standards in High-Speed Measurement Polarimetry: P8000-Series Polarimeters from A. Krüss Optronic

15 Aug 2008

Krüss Optronic GmbH sets new standards in the high-speed measurement polarimetry. By polarimetry the optical activity of a substance is determined. That is a relatively rare characteristic - most liquids and solids aren't optically active.

Polarimeters thus are suitable to examine solutions for very specific components. An important use of polarimeters is the determination of the sugar content in food industry. Another typical application area is the pharmaceutical industry, which uses polarimeters for purity controls of its substances. The polarimeter P8000 is perfectly suitable for these applications, especially as it provides measuring results faster than ever before. The measurement results are availale in only 1 second, independently of the angle of rotation. Also a high angle of rotation is measured within 1 second. This is unique within polarimetry.

The new Model P8000-Series Polarimeters from A. Krüss Optronic is characterized by excellent measurement speed over their entire range. A special measuring method provides continuously calculated analytical results at a measuring time down to one second. Additional benefits include the easy-to-use touch screen and a clearly-arranged readout of all important measuring data.

Data output is GLP compliant due to USB and RS232 interface, user administration and all setting options for comprehensive sample identification.

P8000-Series Polarimeters have a measurement range of ±90°, ±259°Z or 0 to 99.9 g/ml with resolution of 0.001°, 0.01°Z and 0.1 g/ml respectively. Cell lengths up to 200mm length can be accommodated.