Product News: Software Provides Fully Traceable Water Quality Data

25 Oct 2007

Aitken Scientific’s specialist software is providing improved data access to Purite water purification units for fully traceable water quality monitoring in laboratory, healthcare and industrial applications.

Aitken’s highly qualified technical team used their instrument interfacing expertise to create intelligent software for the collection and storage of water data ranging from temperature to feed quality. The previous data logger system could gather the large amounts of data generated but with output limited to a lengthy printout, identifying trends or potential problems was a laborious and inefficient process. Generating results in a graphical format for straightforward trend analysis, the new database management system is searchable by date to allow effective maintenance monitoring.

Logged data is now more accessible and the user friendly interface allows personnel to make informed decisions on water quality. By closely monitoring machine alarms, preventative maintenance schedules can be implemented reducing equipment downtime and improving water quality.