Product News: TruDefender™ FT: Handheld FTIR for Industrial Applications

11 Mar 2009

TruDefender™ FT is a rugged, handheld FTIR system for rapid, field-based analysis of materials. Weighing only 2.9 pounds (1.3 kg), TruDefender FT combines the proven precision of FTIR spectroscopy with a revolutionary new form factor, enabling onsite chemical identification and signature acquisition for industrial applications.

TruDefender FT offers lab-quality functionality (650–4000cm–1 spectral range and 4cm–1 resolution) in a handheld device, ensuring there is no compromise between performance and portability. Sophisticated chemometric algorithms provide clear chemical identification for end-users in seconds. Built to military standards for ruggedness, TruDefender FT withstands the rigors of field-use and is ergonomically designed for easy operation in industrial and manufacturing settings.


Field Repair and Maintenance
• Oil and lubricant analysis
• Composite damage assessment
• Forensic analysis
• Incoming material inspection
• Curing and aging process monitoring
• Contamination avoidance
• Corrosion/rust prevention
Brand Protection
• Identification of counterfeit products
• On-site real-time measurements of
waste, spills, leaks
Laboratory Analysis
Food Packaging

Designed for industrial environments. This lightweight and rugged instrument can be taken directly to a sample in the field, saving users time and money.
Easy to use. Intuitive menu-driven user interface enables even novice users to be proficient with minimal training.
High quality data in seconds. TruDefender FT returns results in seconds, rather than the hours or days it can take to bring a sample to a lab.
Onboard identification. Clear, definitive results reduce the need for a laboratory scientist in the field.
Easy maintenance. TruDefender FT is a self-contained unit which requires no scheduled maintenance or calibration, and uses no consumables.

TruDefender FT provides clear results which require no user interpretation. Each analysis automatically checks for the presence of mixtures. High quality data and a straightforward interface
enable onboard analysis or easy export for offline review.

Complementary Technology
Building on Ahura Scientific’s proven technology, TruDefender FT is a complementary tool to FirstDefender, the company’s flagship handheld Raman system. Together, Ahura Scientific provides a comprehensive solution for field chemical analysis.