Product News: Agilent to Showcase GC/MS System at ACS Meeting

23 Mar 2011

Agilent will be showcasing the 5975E GC/MSD system. The bundled system includes a 7820A GC with a split/splitless injection port and a pre-conditioned low-bleed column, 5975 Series MSD, and MSD ChemStation software preconfigured on the PC so you spend more time running your analysis and less time maintaining the system.

In addition, join Agilent at ACS 2011 to learn about Agilent CrossLab; a growing portfolio of supplies critical to instrument performance and productivity. They are manufactured to perform seamlessly with a variety of analytical instruments in your lab, regardless of make or model. High quality autosamplers syringes and vials, inlet septa and liners, inlet O-rings, capillary columns ferrules and column nuts for reproducible results and assurance you expect from Agilent. Visit:

Learn more from Agilent Technologies at Booth 621, ACS.