Product News: The New Encore Multispan Liquid Handling System Showcased at SLAS2013

02 Jan 2013

Join Agilent at SLAS2013, where The Encore Multispan Liquid Handling System will be introduced. Learn more about Agilent’s extraordinary automation solutions at booth #1007.

The Agilent Encore Multispan Liquid Handling System reaches beyond routine liquid handling to deliver the highest levels of efficiency and productivity for your laboratory. The Encore Multispan System maximizes pipetting flexibility and plate management on deck, while simplifying the integration of upstream and downstream instrumentation. Now you can automate entire workflows with a robust, reliable instrument that increases your walkaway time and leaves more time for research.

Agilent is also hosting three workshops and a Monday evening Customer Reception you can't miss:

- Automating Complete Workflows Using the Agilent Encore Multispan Liquid Handling System
Monday January 14th, 12.30 - 1.45pm, Room Osceola 1-2
Summary: The new Encore MultiSpan Liquid Handling System from Agilent Automation Solutions delivers a significant leap forward in workflow automation by creating a new platform that unites advanced liquid handling and native integration capabilities into a single instrument. In conjunction with the new Encore Control Software, automating complete scientific workflows in screening, genomics, LC/MS and more applications can be achieved in less time and with fewer resources.

- AssayMAP Bravo – An Automated, Open Platform for Protein Sample Preparation
Tuesday January 15th, 12.30 - 1.45pm, Room Osceola 1-2
Summary: The AssayMAP Bravo system is a 96-channel liquid handler equipped with positive displacement syringes that connect to disposable chromatography cartridges. The technology provides precision flow control through the cartridges for quantitative, reproducible results. Common sample preparation techniques can be integrated on a single platform and operated by the push of a button. Featured applications include affinity chromatography, peptide mapping and sample preparation for N-glycan analysis.

- High-throughput Solutions for Rapid and Robust ADME Assays
Tuesday January 15th, 2.00 - 2.45pm, Room Gainesville 1-2
Summary: The need for Pharmaceutical companies to minimize late stage attrition has resulted in greater emphasis on selecting candidates with the best ADME properties early in discovery. In this tutorial you will learn about Agilent’s automation and high-throughput solutions that will revolutionize your workflows from sample preparation to data acquisition so that analysts can maximize time spent analyzing assay data. We will discuss automation solutions that provide customizable, value-added liquid handling and sample processing functionalities too.