Product News: Agilent Showcasing Automated Systems at the ELRIG Drug Discovery 2012

27 Aug 2012

Agilent Automation Solutions are exhibiting the Bravo, AssayMap Bravo and Benchbot Robot automated systems at Drug Discovery 2012.

Agilent Automation Solutions has a proven track record of successfully automating a diverse array of laboratory processes and workflows. The broad product family enables customers to automate simple but time-consuming tasks such as labeling, centrifugation, and sealing, to entire complex processes such as compound replication, HTS, ADME/Tox assays, PCR clean-up, cell maintenance, and other biological, biopharma, and chemical methods.

Visit Agilent at booths Q6 and Q7 showcasing:

- 1. Bravo – See the fastest, most versatile automated liquid handling platform loaded into a small, compact footprint.

- 2. AssayMap Bravo – Protein purification made easy by combining high throughput and best-in-class automated liquid handling for true chromatographic separation with precision flow control.

- 3. Benchbot robot – Easy automation where you need it in your workflow of sealing, labeling, spinning, bulk dispensing, plate reading, washing and incubating.