Product News: Agilent Technologies’ Enterprise Content Management System Now Supports Dionex Chromeleon Chromatography Software

28 May 2009

Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced that its OpenLAB Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system now supports the archiving of data generated by Dionex Corp.’s Chromeleon 6.8 chromatography software. This demonstrates Agilent’s continued commitment to open systems, resulting in broader customer choice.

“Chromatography software such as Chromeleon stores data in databases rather than flat files, and this presents challenges for centralized archives,” said Linda Doherty, Agilent marketing manager, Software and Laboratory Informatics. “These databases must be compressed to be easily stored, but in that format they cannot be viewed, indexed or searched. We’ve solved this problem by developing an interface between Chromeleon and OpenLAB ECM.”

“Chromeleon’s rich user interface offers the best way to look at data previously generated by standalone Chromeleon,” said Andreas Brunner, Dionex product manager, chromatography software. “However, some users prefer to have a central repository for all their data generated in the laboratory and one common user interface to look at all data created by different software packages. The new interface allows storing and reviewing the main aspects of the chromatographic data in OpenLAB ECM in a way that’s consistent with other data.”

OpenLAB ECM is a central repository that now allows customers to query archived Chromeleon data with user-defined criteria that include locked and/or signed sequences or sequences older than a specified time period. When stored in OpenLAB ECM, the data can be indexed, searched and reviewed without a complex restore procedure. This saves customers a great deal of time, increases the useful life of the data and reduces implementation and training costs.

OpenLAB ECM features a familiar, Web-based user interface, and customers can schedule automatic data transfers from Chromeleon to OpenLAB ECM. Customers can define which data is uploaded based on a set of criteria, and data can upload either immediately upon creation, after a specified time interval or each time it is modified.

Agilent OpenLAB ECM is a secure, central data repository enabling customers to easily create, manage, collaborate, archive and re-use a wide variety of business-critical information. This includes raw data and documents of any data in any form, including data from analytical instruments and measurement devices. Modular architecture enables OpenLAB ECM to grow as labs’ needs change.

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