Product News: BIOCIUS Life Sciences Expands Contract Research Service with New ADME Assay Analysis

05 Jan 2011

BIOCIUS Life Sciences Inc. announces a new contract research service that expands the in vitro ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion) assays that can be analyzed quickly and efficiently using RapidFire technology. The extension of the existing CYP Inhibition service now includes analysis of a wide range of assays including microsomal stability, permeability and plasma protein binding. Additionally, BIOCIUS will offer custom services for the development of analysis methods for other ADME assays.

“Our 3 day data turnaround guarantee greatly enhances laboratory efficiency, providing an advantage in the competitive drug discovery market,” said William LaMarr, PhD, Vice President of Research and Contract Services at BIOCIUS. “With all the issues facing the biopharmaceutical industry today, outsourcing has become an important strategy – our expanded contract research solutions enable researchers to obtain results faster and more efficiently, without changing their existing protocols and workflows.”

ADME analysis, a step in the drug discovery process where candidate compounds are evaluated for their safety and suitability as pharmaceuticals, is often a bottleneck for drug discovery researchers. The ADME assay analysis service from BIOCIUS enables clients to preserve their assay method integrity as assays are processed using their own laboratory methods and then analyzed at BIOCIUS using RapidFire mass spectrometry technology. RapidFire processes samples at speeds of up to six seconds per sample, enabling unprecedented throughput and data turnaround not possible using other methods.