Product News: Agilent Highlights Advances in Food, Data Systems, LC/MS and Columns at Pittcon 2010

22 Feb 2010

Agilent Technologies will present a range of new products, including an innovative lab-on-a-chip based system to verify fish species in commercial fish products, a new single quadrupole LC/MS with higher throughput and sensitivity, and porous shell particle liquid chromatography columns extending many advantages of sub-two micron particle columns to standard LC and HPLC instruments. To find out more visit booth 2249.

Fish and Chips
The Agilent Fish Species Identification System combines the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer lab-on-a-chip system with PCR-RFLP kits and specialized software to address the growing global problem of seafood mislabeling and substitution. This DNA-based method is far more accurate and robust than existing protein-based assays, and reduces time needed to confirm species from days to hours. This makes DNA analysis feasible for routine use by seafood processors, distributors, large retailers and government agencies.

OpenLAB Portfolio
Agilent also introduced its new OpenLAB portfolio, bringing instruments, data and applications together under a single, vendor-independent solution The OpenLAB software solution is designed to accelerate data capture, analysis and sharing. Agilent is committed to open standards, which is fundamental to the OpenLAB promise: Make data easily accessible across solutions and offer scientists higher levels of data management, reporting and collaboration. Agilent OpenLAB integrates chromatography data systems, scientific data management systems, and electronic lab notebooks to provide a comprehensive solution across the lifecycle of analytical data in the laboratory.

Agilent Jet Stream Technology for the 6100 Single Quad LC/MS
The Agilent 6100 B Series single quadrupole LC/MS also made its debut at Pittcon 2010. The B Series brings the advantages of Agilent Jet Stream Thermal Gradient Focusing Technology to the workhorse single quad platform, providing: a wider ionization range of diverse compounds and triple the sensitivity of the previous models. This is designed to deliver substantially higher throughput and improved chromatographic fidelity, especially when used with the Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC System.

High Resolution Separations for Any Mainstream LC
Agilent announces the availability of Poroshell 120 liquid chromatography columns, which deliver sub-2 micron-like separation efficiency within the pressure range of any standard LC, and higher resolution and speed with the latest UHPLC instruments. Agilent developed innovative porous shell technology in 2001, and Poroshell 120 columns for small molecules join original Poroshell 300 columns developed for large molecule separations.