Product News: Agar Scientific Expands Filament Production

02 Oct 2013

Agar Scientific, a leading supplier of microscopy accessories and consumables, has increased the production of their world-leading filaments for electron microscopy.

As a leading supplier of accessories for microscopy, Agar Scientific has a world-renowned reputation for the manufacture and supply of replacement filaments for many of the world's leading brands of electron microscopes. Now back in production are new and re-filamented, JEOL K Type filaments.

Agar filaments are specifically designed for electron microscopes for the majority of the leading manufacturers including Cambridge/LEO/Zeiss, FEI, JEOL and Camscan. The filaments are made with specially designed jigs which ensure accuracy and reproducibility in production. High-ductility tungsten wire is used to minimize strain and all filaments are stress relieved by flashing in a vacuum at temperatures above the normal operating level, and are then checked for accuracy of centering. Filament assemblies with alignment screws are subsequently adjusted using a light microscope to ensure that they are ready for immediate operation in the electron microscope.

Agar can also accept most types of filaments, including the JEOL K types, for repair provided the bases are in good condition. Repaired filaments are given the same exacting care as our new filaments; all filaments are pre-flashed in a vacuum to promote stability in operation, and those filaments on bases provided with adjustment screws are subsequently re-centered under a light microscope.

Agar Scientific's new website presents visitors with comprehensive and current information on all products together with availability, delivery options and prices to enable straightforward online ordering of materials for their laboratory. Visitors can now request online quotations. This has been specifically tailored for education/research departments where detailed purchase requisitions are frequently required prior to ordering.