Product News: Compact MPS-GR Rotary Stages with Precision Worm-Gear Drive Released

17 Jul 2012

Compact, low profile MPS-GR rotary stages from Aerotech provide accurate, economical positioning for both laboratory and industrial applications. Clear apertures of 20 or 30 mm allow the stages to be used effectively where through-holes are required. These applications include articulation of beam polarizing lenses, through-holes for cabling or air lines, or vision/camera/inspection.

Designed for 360-degree measurement, alignment and inspection in optics, photonics and lasers, the stages incorporate a precision worm-gear drive mechanism and bearing components. They are available with DC servo or stepper motors. Accuracy is up to 80 arc seconds, resolution is 1 arc second, repeatability is 6 arc seconds, and maximum speed is 180 degrees per second. Top load capacity is 12 kg.

Applications include:
• Optics, photonics
• Lasers
• Medical equipment
• Semi conductor
• Data storage
• Genome devices
Both stages are available with optional vacuum preparation to 10-6 torr including a vacuum-rated motor/feedback connector. An optional breadboard mounting plate provides direct mounting to both English and metric optical tables and a Lens Mount Option (LMO) permits easy mounting of standard lenses over the stage aperture. The rotary stages can be easily mounted together in numerous combinations with linear, goniometer and vertical-lift units in Aerotech’s MPS (Miniature Position Stage) family.

Aerotech is a leading supplier of motion control products to industry, government, science and research institutions around the world. Its precision products provide critical performance for demanding applications requiring high precision, high-throughput motion control solutions.

Photo: New MPS-GR rotary stages from Aerotech feature precision worm-gear drive for accurate, repeatable 360-degree positioning.