Product News: One Software Application for your Analytical Chemistry Needs

15 Jul 2011

ACD/Spectrus Processor is a unique all-in-one software for NMR, LC/MS, Chromatography, UV, IR, and other spectroscopic techniques. While designed specifically with synthetic chemists in mind, it offers advantages to anyone working with multiple analytical techniques and instruments.

As the chemist's gateway to analytical chemistry data provided in numerous formats, from raw or pre-processed to that stored in a corporate knowledgebase, Spectrus Processor offers a unified interface for interpretation, assistance with chemical structure confirmation, and reporting.

ACD/Spectrus Processor - One software application for all your analytical chemistry needs

I. Spectrus Processor for Synthetic Chemists

ACD/Spectrus Processor is a multi-technique data processing and chemical characterization tool. It was designed with the workflow of synthetic chemists in mind, and is an ideal tool for all generalists in analytical chemistry. Use the all-in-one software to:

•  Process, Re-process, and Interpret all your NMR, LC/MS, Chromatography, UV, IR, and other analytical data from major instrument vendors in one interface.
•  Confirm expected structures quickly with advanced spectral assignments and structure verification algorithms to quickly answer the question 'Is this what I think it is?'
•  Review all available data for your sample to reveal inconsistencies between data and expected chemical structures, since various analytical techniques offer supplementary information about the same chemical entity, for better decision-making.
•  Search and Investigate mysterious signals/peaks through quick and easy database searches.
•  Report the most important elements of your analysis, by linking to your electronic notebooks or pasting into your paper lab journal.

II. Spectrus Processor for Analytical Chemistry Specialists - A Productivity and Knowledge-Sharing Tool
With analytical specialists striving to continue providing excellent service in an increasingly demanding environment, it is essential that their expertise be available to colleagues without distracting them from their own heavy workload. Spectrus Processor is part of the ACD/Spectrus Platform which provides a collection of software tools that enable knowledge sharing while allowing spectroscopy, spectrometry, and separations experts to focus on the most complex tasks at hand.

The ACD/Spectrus Platform offers:

•  Advanced processing, interpretation, and elucidation tools.
•  Automation of routine data processing and interpretation, structure verification by NMR, purity by LCMS, and more.
•  Storage and Distribution of analytical results with preservation of the expert's spectral interpretations and observations.

Spectrus Processor enables synthetic chemists to access the Spectrus knowledgebase, thereby the expertise of analytical specialists, and provides tools for them to investigate analytical data further through re-processing and analysis when required.

To learn more about ACD/Spectrus Processor, visit the company article page.