ACD/Labs Showcases Latest Developments in ACD/AutoChrom Method Development Suite
10 Jun 2011

Take advantage of Quality by Design (QbD) principles with ACD/AutoChrom Method Development Suite (MDS). ACD/AutoChrom MDS combines instrument control for LC/MS and LC/UV systems with software for logical method development to help you develop better, more robust methods, in less time than you ever could before.

ACD/AutoChrom MDS: Method Development Software for Chromatography

ACD/AutoChrom Method Development Suite (MDS) combines instrument control for LC/MS and LC/UV systems with software for logical method development following Quality by Design (QbD) principles. Define your project and your goals, and AutoChrom MDS will execute the experiments, guide you through data processing and interpretation, and help you select the next experiment to perform. Develop high-quality robust methods, in less time than you ever could before.


• Automatic peak tracking between runs helps you find all relevant components
• Instrument control through Agilent ChemStation or Waters® Empower™ 2 software
• Method Development Assistant suggests the next experiment to run
• Store new methods in a fully searchable database
• Run in Automated, or Manual modes

• Find a better starting point for method development
• Develop more robust methods in less time
• Reduce the need for manual data interpretation
• Manage projects more efficiently and protect valuable research data

With instrument control (Automated Mode) or without (Manual Mode), ACD/AutoChrom MDS significantly reduces the time it takes to develop new methods. The QbD approach allows methods to be developed using systematic design of experiments, multivariate optimization, and modeling robustness throughout the method development process. From selecting a better starting point, to intelligent optimization, you will get better methods, faster.

Update ChirBase

ChirBase, ChirBase/GC, and ChirBase/CE for ACD/Labs are chiral applications databases which allow chromatographers to locate separation methods for similar compounds that have been studied before. Choosing these methods as a starting point for method development allows chromatographers to develop chiral separation methods more quickly.

All three of the ChirBase databases can be searched by structure, structure similarity, and substructure similarity. ChirBase/LC and ChirBase/GC can also be searched by a variety of experimental conditions, and separation parameters. Complete method or analyte information is provided with each entry, along with references.

Free ACD/Column Selector

ACD/Column Selector is a tool, developed in collaboration with Mel Euerby (HiChrom) and Patrik Petersson (Astra Zeneca) and available through ACD/ChemSketch, that allows you to search a knowledgebase of the most commonly used columns to locate those with the properties best-suited to the separation at hand. The Column Selector database contains information for 254 characterized columns, along with results for >4800 systematic experiments.

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