Product News: ACD/Labs Launches Predictions on Demand with ACD/I-Lab

26 May 2011

ACD/Labs has launched ACD/I-Lab, a web-based service available to everyone, providing instant access to a wide range of chemical property predictions, spectral predictions, chemical nomenclature, and databases of properties and spectra.

ACD/I-Lab is a valuable tool for researchers with only limited need for accurate prediction software with the pay-per-use model offering an affordable alternative to purchasing software. In addition, ACD/I Lab is a useful resource for educators and students to demonstrate and learn, first-hand, the relationship between chemical structure, and physical and spectral properties.

Free features of ACD/I-Lab
• Basic Physiochemical Property Prediction
• Basic IUPAC Naming up to 50 atoms
• Reporting to PDF

Pay-per-use features
• Advanced Physiochemical Property Prediction
• ADME-Tox Property Prediction
• 13C, 1H, 19F, 15N, 31P NMR Spectra Prediction
• 13C, 1H, 19F, 15N, 31P NMR Database Searching
• Advanced Systematic IUPAC Naming

ACD/I-Lab is powered by the latest version of ACD/Labs prediction algorithms available in ACD/ADME, Tox and PhysChem Suites, ACD/Name, and ACD/NMR Predictors. It requires no software installation on the users’ computer—simply register with your name and a valid email address.

Site licensing is available for organizations to install ACD/I-Lab within a network firewall for fast, easy, and secure usage.

Register for ACD/I-Lab and receive 100 free credits (approximately 10 predictions). Visit the company article page for further details.