Product News: ACD/Labs to Preview ACD/Spectrus at Pittcon 2011

07 Mar 2011

Designed to dramatically improve scientific productivity and collaboration, ACD/Spectrus is the next generation analytical chemistry data handling and knowledge management platform based on ACD/Labs’ broadly used data handling software.

Components of the ACD/Spectrus platform will be introduced throughout 2011 and 2012. Spectrus products, fully compatible with current ACD/Labs versions, including automation and enterprise level solutions, will include:

• All-in-one processing, confirmation, and reporting software designed to assist in the interpretation of analytical, chromatographic, and chemical project data
• Powerful databasing for improved storage and retrieval of live spectral and chromatographic data, analytical and chemical information, reactions, and schemas
• The ability to easily customize and integrate with LIMS, ELNs, registry, and other software packages, making Spectrus an integral part of corporate knowledge management infrastructure on the laboratory or organizational level

ACD/Spectrus is a direct response to the problem of knowledge management in today’s research environment- it will enable scientists to achieve greater productivity through better, quicker insights from their data.

True integration between analytical data and chemical structure has been the strength of ACD/Labs software. Such expertise serves as the foundation for ACD/Spectrus, intuitively linking spectroscopic and separations data from disparate instruments and analytical techniques in new, revolutionary ways. For spectroscopists and chemists, this will enable cross-technique analysis for prompt, reliable structure confirmation and accelerated structure elucidation.

Visit ACD/Labs representatives and product managers at Booth 3053 to learn more.

For more information about ACD/Spectrus, visit the website via the company article page.