Product News: ABB launches its new extended laboratory software Horizon MB™ FTIR at PITTCON 2008

03 Mar 2008

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, is proud to unveil its new Horizon MB™ FTIR software for the MB3000 Series FTIR Spectrometers. The extended software for the MB3000 laboratory spectrometers complete with extensive health monitoring, full instrument validation for regulated environments in compliance with CFR21 part 11 as well as ASTM E1421-99 (2004) performance monitoring, workflow scripting, professional reporting, and multiple languages. The MB3000 Series can be viewed at booth #6451.

A year after the launch of its new MB3000 FTIR spectrometer, ABB has received strong interest and a high level of acceptance of its new laboratory analyzer. The combination of simplicity, low cost of ownership and surprising versatility are well appreciated by the market. “We’re excited to report that while working with the MB3000 over the last year, we’ve observed greater sensitivity and stability of the spectrometer system than anticipated,” said Dr. Henry Buijs, CTO.

Extended software capabilities
The MB3000 with the new Horizon MB™ FTIR software is an ideal FTIR replacement solution. “Over the last year, we’ve greatly extended the Horizon MB™ FTIR software to be more than intuitive and easy to use with the MB3000, but also to be a versatile and complete software,” stated Josée Labrecque, MB3000 Product Line Manager.

The new Horizon MB™ FTIR software provides the following features:
  • Quantitative analysis methods based on Univariate and Multivariate analysis complete with intuitive development and efficient run time components.
  • Performant 2D and 3D visualization tools
  • Flexible library search capability
  • Workflow scripting
  • User interface and reporting functions that are configurable and available in multiple languages

Space proven interferometer technology
Also the new interferometer technology incorporated in the MB3000, which is based on ABB’s developments for satellite borne FTIRs, allows highly uniform spectral coverage over a very wide range. For example with the mid IR model excellent spectra can be recorded from 500 to over 9000 cm-1 using the glow bar and DTGS detector options.

OEM kit with new flexibilities
Thanks to the highly modular design, ABB now offers a convenient FTIR kit, called the OEM kit, for integration in other instrumentation. “This kit permits applications integrators to incorporate a powerful and reliable FTIR engine into their analyzers,” explained Real Ouellet Product Line Manager at ABB.