Product News: ABB Introduces New Research Grade FT-NIR Spectrometer

12 Feb 2010

ABB announced today the introduction of its versatile MB3600-PH FT-NIR spectrometer for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. This exceptionally accurate and easy to own analyzer can be used in a broad range of applications, and can be operated without any scheduled maintenance for ten years.

The MB3600-PH will be featured at ABB’s booth (#2527)at the PITTCON Conference and Expo 2010 next month in Orlando, FL (March 1-4).The versatile MB3600-PH is a benchtop analyzer that can be fitted with a variety of accessories for accurate measurements on a broad range of applications, such as: laboratory QA/QC analysis, raw material identification and qualification, research and development, NIR method development, and at-line Process Analytical Technologies measurements. The MB3600-PH combines all the attributes of a research grade instrument – in particular an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio - while maintaining a minimal cost of ownership. Its new design and metrology allow the user to operate the instrument without any scheduled maintenance for a period of ten years. Its aluminum casting also provides the level of protection needed for intensive use of an analytical instrument in an industrial environment.

Whether operating in QA/QC, analytical development, R&D or formulation laboratory, the MB3600-PH is simple to use. Its universal sampling compartment makes the analyzer highly versatile. It accommodates a wide range of accessories like liquid vial holders or probes to address all the needs of a modern analytical laboratory, while minimizing the number of movable mechanical elements. The MB3600-PH features a very simple and robust interface for data acquisition and routine analysis in a 21 CFR Part 11- compliant mode.

As modern analytical instruments get more advanced and complex, it is important to make sure they are easy to operate and maintain. They must also comply with current good laboratory practices and regulatory guidelines. The new MB3600-PH FT-NIR spectrometer has been designed around these key principles, the result of more than 35 years of experience in FT-IR spectroscopy as well as over 15 years of presence in Life Sciences analytical laboratories.

“We have always provided our customers with FT-IR instruments that are robust and exceptionally accurate . The MB3600-PH continues this heritage, offering ease of use, precision, in a package that requires minimal maintenance that will withstand the demands of harsh industrial environments.” states Frédéric Despagne, ABB Life Sciences Industry Manager. “While the exceptional stability of the wishbone principle with corner cube mirrors ensures reproducible data, the interferometer design has been further refined with the introduction of an innovative double-pivot concept derived from our aerospace technology, offering outstanding robustness. As a result, the permanently aligned optics does not require alignment and the interferometer has a lifetime warranty.”