Product News: AB SCIEX 5500 Mass Spectrometry System Used for Doping Analysis

02 Feb 2011

AB SCIEX presented The Manfred Donike Institute (MDI) for Doping Analysis e.V., one of the two World Anti-Doping Agency-certified labs in Germany, with the 100th AB SCIEX 5500 mass spectrometry system sold in Germany.

The wide adoption of this technology within Germany and across Europe in its first two years demonstrates that this technology is meeting the needs of scientists for high sensitivity and selectivity to push the limits of analytical science.

With 100 units sold within the first two years of launch, the AB SCIEX 5500 series of mass spectrometers is becoming the technology standard in leading laboratories across Europe.

During the celebration in Cologne, the AB SCIEX QTRAP® 5500 System was presented to Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schänzer, the director of the MDI. He also received a complimentary invitation to the 4th Berliner LC/ MS/MS Symposium on 16 March 2011 where members of his research team will have the opportunity to share best practices with other experts across the region. The symposium will address residue analysis, clinical research with pharmaceutical and toxicological analysis, and various Omics applications.

"The AB SCIEX QTRAP 5500 system will be the latest addition to our suite of mass spectrometry instruments as it complies with our demands for fast electronics, superior robustness and high sensitivity,” said Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schänzer. “We believe that the additional QTRAP system will further optimize our workflow with simplified sample preparation, shorter analysis times and greater sensitivity."

The Manfred Donike Institute works together with the German Sport University Cologne’s Institute of Biochemistry on doping control in human and horse racing. Fundamental study topics include the analysis of athlete development and improvement of doping control procedures. Due to the specific requirements associated with doping analysis, it is important that biological samples, such as blood or urine, are analyzed in a highly sensitive and selective manner. It is vital that substances used for doping can be reliably identified in the lowest concentrations possible. MDI uses mass spectrometric techniques to meet these high standards and use LC/MS/MS analytical instruments to identify most doping substances.

Dr. Peter Fischer, senior sales representative, AB SCIEX GmbH added, "We are thrilled that we are able to deliver the 100th QTRAP 5500 system sold in Germany to MDI to support their pioneering doping analysis. We hope that their attendance at the Berliner symposium will give them additional insights into the practical application of this technology to push the limits of sports doping analysis."

Image by Klaus Wohlmann: Dr Peter Fischer (right) hands over the voucher to Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schänzer (middle)*