Product News: Handheld FTIR Analyzes for On-Site Measurements of Rock and Minerals

09 Sep 2010

A2 Technologies' announces two new diffuse reflectance mid-infrared spectral libraries of rocks and minerals further extending the utility of their innovative Exoscan and FlexScan handheld FTIR analyzers for geoscience applications. The first library contains spectra of general rocks and minerals sourced from around the world, while the other is focused on commercially important or strategic minerals.

FlexScan and Exoscan are the world's first FTIR analyzers that have the performance and robustness to be applicable to field based geoscience investigations. The analyzers are equipped with diffuse reflectance sampling interfaces, thus enabling rocks, minerals and soils to be analyzed with minimal, or no sample preparation. Now, minerals of interest located in outcroppings, ore bodies, drill cores, and mines can be analyzed directly at the locale. The capability of FTIR to elucidate how atoms are bound together to form the chemistry of rocks and minerals is an important complement to widely used hand-held XRF analyzers, which identify the elements that comprise the geological sample.