Product News: A World’s Novelty in Liquid Handling at CyBio Booth 102

20 Apr 2009

The CyBi®-WellFlex vario form a unique combination of a multi- pipetting head, an 8-channel and a 1-channel pipetting tool as well as an optional dispenser for the automation of liquid handling applications in biochemistry, molecular biology and drug discovery.

Particularly interesting is the combination of the 8-channel and 1-channel pipetting tool on one pipetting head, both constantly available without time consuming replacement. This allows full automation, from the creation of the master mix up to the simultaneous processing of a large number of sample. A combined processing of standard applications is thus easily possible, such as the replication or reformatting of complete microplates in the formats 96, 384 and 1536, the execution of dilution series and the hit-picking in an integrated platform.

For sterile work with cell cultures the systems can be integrated into standardized flow boxes.
In addition, the CyBi®-WellFlex vario can be expanded with the cell dispenser CyBi®-Drop without the need of more laboratory space. This creates a complex workstation, ideally suited for sophisticated cell applications.

Specific accessories for reaction set-up as well as stackers for the efficient storage and processing of large quantities of microplates, barcode readers or tip wash stations expand the application variety and efficiency of the workstations.