Product News: Ziath Showcases DataPaq Express Rack Reader and DataPaq Deep Focus Single Rack Scanner at ELRIG

06 Sep 2012

The SelectScience team stopped by the Ziath booth at ELRIG this year to find out more about the latest products on offer. The products on show included the new DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader and the latest version of the DataPaq™ Deep Focus Single Rack Scanner.

The Ziath DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader is a camera reader with an image capture time of only one second making it one of the fastest in the market. DataPaq™ Express is only marginally larger than the SBS rack itself, making it ideal for robotic integration. The DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader is easy to set-up, with only a few minutes for configuration. After a one-time automatic calibration, the rack reader is ready to read all makes of SBS format 2D barcoded tubes. As the scanner is camera-based, it takes a picture of the barcodes and then decodes, meaning it is significantly quicker than scanner-based 2D barcode readers. The DataPaq™ software makes it simple to export to Excel, XML or text and scanned images can also be saved.

The Ziath AV6 Deep Focus Single Rack Scanner was developed for clients whose scanning needs might require reading tubes that are seated slightly further away from the screen than usual. The DataPaq™ AV6 Scanner can successfully read tubes set on the screen, or up to several millimetres above it. As with all Ziath scanners, the AV6 scanner offers easy set up, straightforward data export and it is fully integratable into robotics platforms. A new version of the DataPaq™ Deep Focus Single Rack Scanner with enhanced features has since been developed as is now available from Ziath.

Neil Benn, co-founder and CEO of Ziath told us “It is smaller, more compact and quicker than ever before. The user can now drop the rack directly onto the scanner and it will scan automatically, thereby eliminating the need to use a mouse to begin the procedure. In the absence of barcodes on plate, the novel bleeding edge technology now informs users when the plates are not positioned correctly. The flexibility and versatility of the DataPaq™ Deep Focus Single Rack Scanner makes it suitable for any number of applications.”