Product News: Waters ACQUITY UPLC with 2D Technology Tackles Complex Separations Challenges

15 Mar 2011

Waters Corporation announced today the addition of Waters® ACQUITY® UPLC System with 2D Technology to its growing portfolio of ACQUITY UPLC® systems. Designed for chromatographers, 2D Technology for Waters ACQUITY UPLC Systems gives separations scientists added resolving power, particularly for samples that are hard to resolve by conventional means, while offering greater sensitivity and selectivity.

Based on Waters proven ACQUITY UPLC technology, the Waters ACQUITY UPLC System with 2D Technology gives scientists expert capability for trapping, heart cutting and parallel column regeneration to eliminate matrix effects, increase overall speed of analysis, enhance assay ruggedness, increase selectivity and sensitivity and use MS-incompatible solvents for the first dimension of separation.

PPD, Inc. (Richmond, VA) routinely employs two-dimensional chromatography for separations demanding extra speed, separations power, and sensitivity. “We have a total of 54 LC/MS systems and most are set up to run 2D chromatography. Eighty percent of the time, our scientists use a simple 2D approach to remove residual lipids from the sample matrix”, says Rand Jenkins, Scientific Director of Chromatography Sciences at PPD.

For more demanding assays requiring maximum selectivity and sensitivity, PPD scientists employ 2D heart-cutting techniques using two analytical columns to isolate the analyte peaks of interest. “The ability to perform two dimensional UPLC separations using Waters technology has enabled some of our most challenging assays that require ultra-high sensitivity while maintaining excellent ruggedness and instrument up-time“, says Jenkins.

The Waters ACQUITY® UPLC System with 2D Technology features MassLynx Software for operational control and data management. It is a compatible front-end to Waters Synapt® and Xevo® brand mass spectrometers and quadrupole mass detectors.

Waters is offering its present ACQUITY UPLC customers a path to upgrade their systems to enable 2D separations with the addition of several hardware components and new software.