Product News: Voxtel Introduces Lowest Cost 64-channel Time-to-digital Converter

26 Apr 2013

Voxtel, Inc. has announced the release of a low-cost event-timing solution for medical imaging, particle and nuclear physics, and LADAR applications requiring picosecond-scale timing on a large number of parallel channels. The 64-channel time-to-digital convertor (TDC) is designed for cost-sensitive, high channel count applications that require accurate conversion of a time interval into a digital output.

“Our engineers designed a high channel count time-to-digital converter, and they achieved picosecond scale timing resolution with the lowest cost-per-channel available on the market today,” says Voxtel founder and CEO George Williams.

TDCs help to determine the time an event occurs by generating the time difference between the leading edge of a common reference signal and the leading edge of an input pulse event. Voxtel’s all-digital TDC YVX-657 time-stamps incoming signal pulses arriving simultaneously on all 64 channels and has on-board capacity to store up to 262,144 time stamps per channel—with a precision of 32 picoseconds.
For input signal tallying, the TDC can also be used as a free-running high-resolution counter, where each individual channel can record and store in local memory the time of arrival of the rising edge of input signals.