Product News: Maximising information from and efficiency of size separation experiments

10 Oct 2011

Viscotek has announced the launch of OmniSEC™ 4.2 - the latest revision of their market leading GPC/SEC integrated software package - designed to maximise the information and efficiency of multiple detector size separation experiments.

For low molecular weight polymer samples where dn/dc is not constant, it is now uniquely possible with OmniSEC 4.2 to create a calibration function that relates the dn/dc to the molecular weight for a given sample type. If variable dn/dc is enabled in the method, it is possible not only to see the corrected molecular weight values across the distribution, but also you can see the 'true' dn/dc across the sample. OmniSEC 4.2 also includes the ability to calculate molecular weight of a protein sample without knowing dn/dc or concentration.

OmniSEC 4.2 supports most commercially available GPC detectors and provides whole system integrated software control and support for Viscotek's range of GPC/SEC systems including the popular Triple Detector Array (TDA), GPCmax and the new HT-GPC system. The new version also includes low angle light scattering (LALS) and right angle light scattering (RALS) options for calculation of molecular weight determination and automatic determination of dn/dc, dA/dc and A2. With enhanced data acquisition capabilities, OmniSEC 4.2 is able to import and analyse up to six channels of data simultaneously at 5Hz to handle even the most demanding copolymer multi-detector analysis. OmniSEC 4.2 increases the information available from GPC/SEC experiments through enhancements to branching and calibration calculations, copolymer analysis, overlays, multiple peak detection and data acquisition. These comprehensive facilities together with the intuitive and highly interactive user interface make OmniSEC 4.2 the most versatile and user-friendly GPC/SEC software package available today.

The new software revision provides full audit trail and further enhancements ensuring 21CFR part 11 compliance. A new report design facility allows the user to build reports containing data from multiple samples and can even be run in full automation mode using a custom template in the method. OmniSEC 4.2 is available as a free upgrade to all existing users of OmniSEC 3.0 and above.

Malvern Instruments acquired Viscotek in January 2008.