Product News: Vacuum Pump for Hazardous Gases and Contamination-free Analytics

09 Nov 2011

VACUUBRAND’s new chemistry diaphragm pump, MD 4CRL NT, not only features a low leakage rate which is tested on every pump, but has also been designed for use with corrosive gases.

All media-contacted parts are made of fluorinated polymer materials and highly corrosion resistant stainless steel components (e.g. V4A). High pumping speed rates (3.4 m3/h at atmospheric pressure) over the full vacuum range down to 1.5 mbar makes the pump suitable for many vacuum applications and processes.

The patented drive system assures silent, low-vibration operation. All VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps feature the proven PTFE sandwich-diaphragms as well as the stability-core design of the media contacted cylinder head part and diaphragm clamping disc resulting in high chemical resistance and excellent diaphragm lifetime with low maintenance requirements.

Every MD 4CRL NT is leak tested (leakage rate specification limit 1 x 10-3 mbar l/s) to provide reliable leak tightness, even in long term operation. It is usable for many applications such as transferring highly valuable, corrosive, or even toxic gases, and can also be used as a sample gas pump.