Product News: VACUUBRAND® PC620 NT system provides electronic control of two applications simultaneously

10 Aug 2011

The VACUUBRAND® PC620 NT integrated vacuum system provides independent electronic control of two vacuum applications simultaneously. Run two rotary evaporators, a rotary evaporator and centrifugal concentrator, or many other combinations. Integrated check valves protect each application’s independent vacuum level settings and virtually eliminate the potential for cross-contamination.

Vacuum is provided by a powerful MD4C NT diaphragm vacuum pump with a flowpath consisting of chemically-resistant fluoropolymers. An ultimate vacuum of 1.5mbar is deep enough to evaporate most common solvents at room temperature; free air capacity is a robust 63 liters/minute. High flowrate at working vacuum levels provides the power required for most large lab applications. The typical maintenance interval is 10,000-15,000 hours—several years in typical operation.

Two independent CVC3000 vacuum controllers with integrated vent valves allow programming of set points or storing of up to ten complex pumping programs. A menu-driven interface allows intuitive operation. Solvent recovery glassware and a space-saving stand complete the package.

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