Product News: Two-Color Protein Marker Offers Grayscale and Pseudo-Colored Images For Publishing

23 Feb 2012

LI-COR® Biosciences introduces the IRDye® (680/800) Protein Marker that is visible in the 700 nm and 800 nm channels of fluorescent imaging systems, such as the Odyssey® family of imaging systems. Grayscale or pseudocolor images of the IRDye Two-Color Marker can be viewed, exported, and used for publishing with both channels visible.

This two-color marker is designed to provide a ladder of convenient and consistent protein sizes (7.5 – 250 kDa) for use with polyacrylamide gels on Western blot membranes. In blot applications, the IRDye (680/800) Protein Marker can be used as a reference for lane or sample orientation.

“The new IRDye two-color protein marker is supplied ready-to-use and contains 12 proteins ranging in size from 7.5 – 250 kDa,” says Shawn Mischnick, LI-COR technical product specialist. “This marker adds increased performance for researchers who need to show both channels in a grayscale image”

Dependent on load volume, this marker can act in a variety of ways: as a pre-stained marker in gels, to visualize the progress of protein separation during electrophoresis. Or to determine the molecular weight of unknown proteins. To learn more about IRDye infrared dye reagents, visit the company article page.