Industry News: Training Cancer Specialists in Liquid Biopsy Techniques

26 Jan 2017

The Sysmex Inostics training center in Barcelona, Spain, use METTLER TOLEDO’s Rainin pipettes and TerraRack™ pipette tip racks to train cancer specialists to carry out liquid biopsies in patients.

Dr Laia Freixa, training center manager, explained: “Sysmex opened the Spanish training center in June this year, so it is a very recent initiative. Current and potential clients from around the world come to the laboratory to learn about OncoBEAM® RAS CRC test, a liquid biopsy technique that helps cancer specialists determine the most effective treatment for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.”

“We use a range of laboratory equipment during training, as well as in our R&D department, including a variety of Rainin pipettes – single and multichannel, manual and electronic – ranging from two to 1,000 microliters, as well as TerraRack pipette tip racks. We are routinely performing PCR so clean working processes are essential, and the use of sterile consumables, such as TerraRacks, is a key part of this. TerraRacks offer several advantages; they are good quality, light weight, easy to store, and can be recycled. Our Rainin pipettes are excellent too, combining robustness with accuracy. Customer service is equally important to us, and we receive good support from METTLER TOLEDO; our contact person is very responsive.”