Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Ultra-low Bleed GC Columns

02 Mar 2010

These ultra-low bleed columns provide outstanding run-to-run, as well as column-to-column reproducibility for consistent, reliable data in combination with extended column life. In addition, the columns are extremely inert, ensuring that the best peak shapes are obtained, even for highly active or difficult compounds that often cause peak tailing. The company will showcase the TraceGOLD GC Capillary Columns at Thermo Scientific booth 2757 during Pittcon 2010, being held February 28 - March 5, in Orlando.

The ultra-low bleed TraceGOLD™ GC Columns ensure high sensitivity levels are obtained with low baseline noise, resulting in improved limits of detection with enhanced resolution of low level analytes. Reducing column bleed consequently minimizes the risk of contamination within the Mass Spectrometer, as well as extending the interval between scheduled maintenance, leading to an increase in productivity. As an essential requirement for all analytical laboratories, low column bleed also facilitates accuracy and reproducibility of the stationary phase, leading to an increase in run-to-run reproducibility. Furthermore, even between batches, every column provides the same high-quality performance. This mean each TraceGOLD column delivers valid and consistent data for any GC application.

The Thermo Scientific TraceGOLD GC Columns guarantee the highest levels of reproducibility, ensuring that the best peak shapes and sensitivity are obtained every time. For further information, please visit booth 2757 at Pittcon.