Product News: Synthetic Cannabinoids Identifiable in the Field with the Scientific TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer

29 Jul 2013

Law enforcement personnel are now better equipped to address the emerging threat of synthetic drugs with the latest software update for the Thermo Scientific TruNarc, a handheld analyzer used for onsite analysis of narcotics and other drugs of abuse. TruNarc v1.3 provides the capability to identify cannabinoids in final sprayed form and in bulk form. It also includes numerous other additions to its library of substances.

With TruNarc v1.3, the instrument has the ability to identify small amounts of synthetic cannabinoid on leaf material – typically the final form found before consumption. Synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones, which mimic the effects of marijuana and amphetamines, respectively, continue to pose a significant threat and are a priority for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) through enforcement operations like Operation Synergy.

“We are able to quickly update our TruNarc library to incorporate the latest threats – giving officers on the street and at the border the tools needed to do their job as safely and quickly as possible,” said Trey Sieger, safety and security market leader for portable analytical instruments at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

“In April of this year, the DEA announced updates to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act regarding four synthetic drugs. Just three months later, our software has the ability to analyze three out of the four controlled substances included in that announcement.”

TruNarc v1.3 software offers the following advantages for law enforcement worldwide:
• Addition of several priority substances including Phenethylamines, PCP and APAAN
• More than double the Alarm substances since the initial TruNarc launch in February 2012
• Additional training and features for certified clandestine lab technicians