Product News: One-step manual ID that's easy and fast - RapID Systems

29 Jul 2011

When it comes to microbial identification, it doesn't get much simpler. RapID identification systems offer one-step inoculation, identification of a wide variety of organisms and quick results – typically four hours for an aerobic incubation.

It also offers easy to read color reactions and the ability to measure single biochemical reactions.

Test results are interpreted by ERIC software which is free via the link to the product website on the right of this page. ERIC® is a complementary, computerized database to support all RapID™ Systems. It is an easy-to-use, reliable electronic code compendium designed to work exclusively with Remel RapID systems. It includes all information in the printed code compendia including probability percent, bioscores, contraindicated test results, accessory tests, and clinically relevant commentary.

Ideal for manual testing as a stand-alone system or for complementing automated systems when testing an extensive range of organisms.