Product News: New Immunoassay Plate Guide for Diagnostic Applications

06 Jan 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. supplies a broad range of immunoassay plates for diagnostic applications. The recently released Thermo Scientific immunoassay plate guide, details all available plate formats to help ensure the right choice of plate for the assay to be run.

Solid capture surfaces are commonly integrated into in vitro diagnostic kits, where they are used to bind a component of interest, thus removing it from solutions such as serum or urine. The Thermo Scientific Nunc immunoassay plates have a long shelf life, even at room temperature, which is vital for in vitro diagnostic kits which are often stored long term. Component stability is ensured using a rigorous quality assurance process which is detailed in the plate guide.

For further information on the immunoassay plates available from Thermo Fisher Scientific, and to download the Thermo Scientific immunoassay plate guide, click on the company article link to the right of this page.