The WHEATON® Integrated Biobanking System is Now Available from WHEATON UK
14 Jan 2013

WHEATON UK has launched the WHEATON® Integrated Biobanking System. Developed for scientists involved in cryostorage, biobanking and biorepositories, this system provides a complete solution, inclusive of CryoELITE® Cryogenic Vials, CryoFile and KeepIT® Storage Boxes, 2D Data Matrix Barcode Inserts and Scanners. Built on the experience of bench scientists, technical support staff, engineers and manufacturers, the WHEATON Integrated Biobanking System provides support for the needs of scientists when it comes to sample containment-related needs.

WHEATON, leveraging their expertise in sample management, has created the individual components of an Integrated Biobanking System in order to supply researchers and administrators, tasked with essential sample management, a solution that is simple and expandable yet secure.

WHEATON CryoELITE Cryogenic Vials, are used for secure ultralow temperature storage. These vials offer secure, pressure resistant cap seals that ensure safe storage of vital samples in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, as well as viable storage of samples at less extreme temperatures. Whilst, the use of 1D and 2D barcode labeling ensures the easy and reliable identification of samples throughout processing, shipping, storage and retrieval. A key feature of WHEATON CryoELITE Cryogenic Vials is the unique design and construction of the cap seal, offering an unrivaled seal that exceeds DOT and IATA regulations.

The WHEATON Integrated Biobanking System supports the management of multiple samples through its ability to batch scan 2D barcode labeled samples stored in WHEATON KeepIt boxes via the WHEATON PluraScan Bar Code Reader. The integrated frost reduction system allows multiple racks to be read in succession, thus allowing easy auditing of samples.

The biomedical and life sciences research communities have clearly identified the need for secure and traceable storage of biological specimens, and cryogenic storage is rapidly becoming a priority in sample management for research facilities of all sizes and disciplines. The WHEATON Integrated Biobanking System provides solutions to these technical needs that arise in the course of cryogenic storage and biobanking.

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