Product News: The New arium® Systems: Water Purification with Added Value

24 Jan 2013

Have you ever wanted application-focused operating features to make your daily lab routine work easier and your workflows faster and more reliable? Do you place a premium on having your equipment run cost-effectively over the medium and long term? Have you ever looked for a system that can be ideally integrated into your existing laboratory environment, that can grow right along with your requirements and that offers you the greatest possible flexibility? Then you cannot afford to pass up the new arium® water purification systems.

A choice of more than 70 arium® versions is available to meet all your requirements on water quality and to cover any application. The arium® bagtanks and the innovative iJust function specially matched to these versions enable significantly more cost-effective water usage and efficient operation of these water purification systems than do conventional units. All arium® systems are already certified when delivered. Plus, we offer equipment qualification and maintenance as supplementary services to considerably extend their uses even further.

Innovative arium® bagtank System for Time Savings and User Safety

Pure water is stored in the closed arium® bagtank system, which reliably protects purified water from secondary contamination. This ensures consistently high water quality and, therefore, reproducible results.

Unlike conventional water storage tanks, the arium® bagtank system saves time as the arium® bag is so easy to change out. At the same time, it increases user safety because it eliminates the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive cleaning procedures using chemicals that are hazardous to your health. The rollers on the arium® bagtank let you move it fast and conveniently to wherever you need to use it.

Easy Operation Using Touch-Screen Functions
You name, from adjusting basic settings to dispensing water, all functions of the arium® can be controlled by touch screen. Navigate intuitively through the logically and clearly arranged user interface – even while wearing gloves. Virtually real-time updates of measured data, flow charts and warning messages are displayed at all times.

You can choose how you want to have pure water dispensed, either manually or automatically. Accurate volume dispensing ensures smooth workflows in your lab.

Optimized Water Usage with iJust
The clever iJust feature automatically optimizes product water quality and water usage. Its intelligent software controls a valve on the concentrate drain based on the data measured for CaCO3 and CO2.

The advantages:
• Ensures more economical water usage
• Provides the highest product water quality at all times
• Extends the life of downstream water purification systems