Product News: The CB 160 CO2/O2 Incubator with ANTI.PLENUM Design

05 Jul 2012

The CB 160 CO2/O2 incubator with ANTI.PLENUM Design offers 30% faster humidity recovery times for the most stable incubation conditions. As an innovation, the CB 160 has a CO2 sensor that can be automatically sterilized at 180°C and a user-friendly controller with color display. Driving Innovations - the CB 160 with a volume of 160 liters is the natural development of the BINDER CO2 incubator philosophy: ideal growth conditions, reliable sterilization and reduction in the risk of contamination by up to a factor of 3.

The ANTI.PLENUM Design eliminates extensive air ducts, shelving systems and numerous mounting elements. The three advantages are obvious. The contaminatable surface is reduced by up to 3m2, thus significantly reducing the time required to manually clean the unit. At the same time, annual operating costs for consumables such as HEPA filters, H2O2 solutions and UV lamps are completely eliminated.

The proven, optimal temperature distribution in the inner chamber of the CB 160 of ± 0.1K is ensured by the recognized VENTAIR™ Air Jacket System. Humidity recovery time has been accelerated with the new larger PermaDry™ by a remarkable 30% and the risk of evaporation reduced to a minimum.

As a system proven in practice throughout the world, the new CO2 incubator offers a 180°C sterilization routine. This guarantees reliable decontamination of the entire inner chamber and the new drift-free IR CO2 sensor is also automatically sterilized. It is an impressive design that produces consistently good, reproducible results at the push of a button.

Like other BINDER units, the CB 160 is included in the new BINDER world of controllers. Equipped with a 5.7" color display that simultaneously displays setpoint and actual values, the user-friendly menu navigation and a rotary pushbutton make programming for the user even easier. The controller records all data, which can be transferred to a PC via USB interface and subsequently analyzed by the BINDER APT-COM™ DataControlSystem. The data backup has the advantage that all transactions can be traced and documented, e.g. producing cell and tissue cultures.

A freely accessible technical area at the front of the unit that is easy to open and close allows troublefree maintenance of the new CB 160 CO2 incubator.

A wide range of options allow the user to meet specific requirements, e.g. a CB 160 with CO2/O2 control and divided inner glass door for hypoxic applications, a side access port or the space-saving stacking option with stacking adapter.