Product News: Baker BioScience Solutions Announces Biomedical Refrigeration Product Line Expansion

05 Apr 2011

Baker BioScience Solutions, a division of The Baker Company, today announced it has expanded its biomedical refrigeration product line for the life science industry. In addition to its core line of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, the company will now offer a collection of innovative, highly efficient and energy-saving biomedical refrigerators and biomedical “deep” freezers ideal for use in a variety of life science, clinical, and industrial applications.

To deliver these products to the North American marketplace, Baker BioScience Solutions has once again partnered with Dometic Medical Systems, a globally recognized specialist in biomedical refrigeration technology.

“General purpose laboratory and pharmaceutical refrigerators and biomedical freezers have long been essential components in many laboratories, but today’s scientists are looking for modern, high-performing equipment that provide enhanced information monitoring and advanced technology systems that, when combined with an optimally designed refrigeration system, provide for accurate, precise and uniform temperature control,“ said Dan Eagleson, Director of Marketing and Business Development for The Baker Company. “These new products have been designed to meet the needs of today’s laboratory and are also environmentally friendly, with an eye toward sustainability, responsible construction, and safe operation.”

The line of high performance Biomedical “deep” Freezers (DFR Range) has been developed for a wide variety of storage and research applications and designed to store critical materials that demand constant temperature and security, including laboratory grade freezing of enzymes, vaccines and other biologics. With a smaller footprint, but deep storage space, the DFR Range offers four models with volumes from 8.7 Cu Ft (246L) to 26.1 Cu Ft (738L). Each model features advanced control systems, including alarms and flexible set points with operating ranges adjustable in increments of 0.1˚C, from -20˚C to -41˚C and precise sensor control of +/- 0.2˚ C. Freezers also include separate interior doors to minimize temperature loss.

In addition to the new biomedical freezer line, two new high performance Laboratory (LR Range) and Pharmaceutical (PR Range) biomedical refrigerator collections have also been added and are ideally suited for industrial, clinical and scientific applications. These biomedical refrigerators have advanced control systems with a set point of +4˚C and an operating range of +4˚C to +15˚C, also adjustable in increments of 0.1˚ C. A safety thermostat restricts a drop in the stored product’s temperature below +2˚C. The Pharmaceutical Range (PR) is designed with a glass door to allow full-length views of storage space in the cabinet interior. The LR and PR Ranges are also available in four models with volumes from 8.7 Cu Ft (246L) to 26.1 Cu Ft (738L) and meet the requirements for a freestanding unit in clean rooms of GMP class A/ISO 5 (ISO EN 14644-1).

Standard features for each range include, but are not limited to a controlled fan cooling system for constant and even temperature distribution across the entire chamber; a password protected microprocessor and electronic control system with extensive temperature, security and system alarms; the Dometic Monitoring Network (DMN), a proprietary and universal monitoring software for the collection, long-term recording and monitoring of temperature and system data.

In 2008, Baker BioScience Solutions first partnered with Dometic Medical Systems, a globally recognized specialist in biomedical refrigeration technology, to offer Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, providing optimal composition-maintaining storage conditions down to -86˚C.