Product News: Air Containment and Controlled Atmospheres from The Baker Company at Neuroscience 2010

08 Nov 2010

The Baker Company will show innovative products from three different ranges; biological safety cabinets, ultra low temperature freezers, and a new range of controlled atmosphere workstations. The Ruskinn range of advanced hypoxic workstations for cell biology (hypoxia), stem cell investigations, and assisted conception allow researchers to study even the most complex cell interactions under perfect hypoxic or anoxic conditions.

SterilGARD® e3 Biological Safety Cabinets
SterilGARD® e3 high-efficiency biological safety cabinets are equipped with an industry-first idle mode that is instantly safe upon resuming standard operation. The ReadySAFE™ mode allows the cabinet to substantially reduce its energy consumption when a researcher is not sitting at the cabinet—useful during meetings, lunch breaks, and overnight. The technology allows the user to close the sash and operate the cabinet at a reduced airflow that provides personnel, product and environmental protection while using less 50-75% less energy.

When the view screen is reopened, the motor immediately speeds up to provide proper operating air flows. Because there is no need to re-sanitize the work area, the instantaneous, automatic protection dramatically increases laboratory productivity.

Additionally, SterilGARD® cable ports through negative pressure sidewalls provide convenient access to cables and tubing and also allow the viewscreen to remain closed. When operating in the ReadySAFE™ mode, cabinets meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 49 Class II and ISO class 4 criteria.
Baker cabinet designs represent decades of experience in stainless steel fabrication and craftsmanship. Unique all-metal, double-wall design of the SterilGARD® e3 cabinet creates base, side and back wall plenums that capture and contain contaminated air under negative pressure. Design considerations such as wide radius corners, aerodynamically shaped surfaces and non-glare satin finish interiors combine to improve comfort, simplify cleaning and maintain proper containment.
The Baker Company’s FlexAIR™ offers significant energy and cost savings to the laboratory, without sacrificing safety and performance. The Baker FlexAIR technology combines the security of a traditional canopy (or thimble) exhaust connection with the lower exhaust flows of a traditional hard exhaust connection.

Baker’s FlexAIR™ works by utilizing dynamic front and side panels that open or close depending upon the variances in exhaust flow rate. With a FlexAIR™, only the minimum amount of air necessary to achieve cabinet exhaust containment is used. Adding a FlexAIR™ reduces the amount of exhaust required to operate a biological safety cabinet by up to 18%. Additionally, safety for both the product and personnel exceed NSF standards even when the building’s exhaust system fails.

UF755 Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
Baker BioScience Solutions has partnered with Dometic Medical Systems, a globally recognized specialist, to offer a collection of biomedical refrigeration solutions for the life science industry.

Ultra low temperature freezers from Baker BioScience provide composition-maintaining down to -86°C (-122°F). As a cascade heat exchanger with two hermetically sealed compressors, the cold system is optimally designed with respect to energy consumption and development of waste heat and noise. Additionally, the use of efficient insulating materials and innovative “Rollbond” evaporator technology ensures temperature stability and uniform distribution throughout the entire refrigeration chamber.

Invivo 400 Hypoxic Workstations
Baker BioScience is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Ruskinn Workstations in the United States. Ruskinn is one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of Anaerobic and Hypoxic workstations.

The Ruskinn Invivo, SCI-tive, and Ac-tive® ranges of advanced hypoxic workstations for cell biology (hypoxia), stem cell investigations, and assisted conception allows researchers to study even the most complex cell interactions under perfect hypoxic or anoxic conditions. The Invivo 400, one of the Ruskinn Invivo series of hypoxic workstations, allows researchers to precisely control oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity during experiments.

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