Product News: Tecan Reports of Use of its Infinite® M200 PRO for Undergraduate Training

29 Mar 2013

Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO multimode microplate readers are helping McMaster University to introduce chemical biology undergraduates to some of the most advanced techniques routinely used in today’s laboratories. John Brennan, Canada Research Chair in Bioanalytical Chemistry and Biointerfaces, explained: “We wanted to introduce the students to the concept of high throughput bioassays and, as we already had a lot of Tecan equipment – two Freedom EVO® liquid handling platforms, a Safire™ and an Ultra Evolution™, as well as a couple of Infinite M1000s – the Infinite M200 PRO was an obvious choice.”

“Initially, the students develop ligand binding and kinetic assays on the Infinite M200 PRO, progressing to the Infinite M1000 with its additional features by the fourth year. The software is almost identical, so it is a pretty simple transition from one instrument to the other, and the instruments are also very robust, which is vital in an undergraduate environment. Using the Infinite microplate readers is a revelation for our students. After spending the first year performing basic analyses with large volumes of reagent, miniaturization – performing assays in 96-well plates with microliter reagent volumes – is a completely new experience. They begin to realize what can be achieved using a liquid handling platform, such as the Freedom EVO, with 384- and 1,536-well plates. It’s a whole new world,” concluded John.