Product News: TTP Labtech Presents aequus: An Easy-to-fit, Non-Contact Solution to End Manual Solvent Monitoring

14 Feb 2012

TTP Labtech is pleased to launch aequus, an easy-to-fit, non-contact sensor-based instrument. By providing a safe, automated solution to solvent level monitoring, analytical chemists can easily keep track of both solvent use and waste overflow during the everyday running of their analytical equipment. The ability to connect aequus to remote user alarms enables round the clock monitoring, helping to protect expensive analytical equipment, as well as the results of valuable chemical analyses.

Providing up to 12 channels, each aequus unit is capable of monitoring a maximum of six bottles in both solvent supply and waste trays. Its compact sensor fits securely to the outside of even difficult to reach vessels, regardless of size, and the non-contact sensor ensures zero contamination of supply and waste fluids during level monitoring. The easy to read, compact display provides real-time information with clear warnings of fluid level limits, alerting users of the action they need to take.

aequus addresses one of the currently unmet needs in automated laboratory management. Simon Tullett, product manager at TTP Labtech commented, “Despite extensive laboratory automation the process of monitoring solvent usage and waste levels still relies on manual observation. The introduction of aequus is a logical step to help ease the laboratory manager’s workload, increase efficiency and enhance the laboratory automation process.”