Product News: T&D Announces a New Network Thermo Recorder: TR-700W Series

04 Dec 2012

T&D Corporation is proud to announce the release of their new network connected TR-700W Series Temp/Humidity Data Loggers. The TR-700W Series Data Loggers are designed with an onboard server making it capable of transmitting data across a network without a PC connection.

TR-700W data loggers enable the user to monitor current readings, collect recorded data, and have warning notifications sent from the logger via the Internet or LAN. Furthermore, T&D WebStorage Service makes it possible to gather, check and share data across the Internet. T&D WebStorage Service is an online service provided free of charge by T&D Corporation.

• Collect Data via a Network
• View Current Readings and Graphs via Browser on PC or Mobile Device
• Send Warning Notifications by e-mail.
• Access Data from Anywhere using T&D WebStorage Service
• Connect an Alarm or Lamp for On Site Warning
• Includes User Friendly Software