Product News: Sysmex and CellaVision Launch New Integrated Digital Cell Morphology System

09 May 2013

CellaVision and Sysmex have announced that they have co-developed a product which integrates CellaVision Digital Cell Morphology technology with the Sysmex XN-series hematology platform. The product, DI-60, will be part of the global Sysmex product portfolio for hematology laboratories.

For the first time, digital cell morphology has been successfully integrated with a cell counter and slide preparation device, eliminating the need to manually load the slide for analysis, thus further streamlining the hematology workflow and providing highest testing efficiency.

Since 2001, CellaVision has had a successful distribution arrangement with Sysmex and together both parties created the market for digital microscopy analysis. With this joint product development, Sysmex and CellaVision have demonstrated a new level of excellence in cooperation.

The target market is primarily clinical laboratories with medium to large sample volumes. With the DI-60 product Sysmex enhances their product portfolio of digital cell morphology products, including the CellaVision DM96 and DM1200 systems. Similar to CellaVision’s other products the DI-60 automates work traditionally performed manually under a microscope. Test results are stored digitally with images of blood cells and other patient information, increasing the efficiency while improving the quality of the manual differential.

Sysmex plans to present the DI-60 for the first time at the trade fair IFCC EUROMEDLAB 2013 in Milan, Italy, on May 19-23, 2013.