Product News: New System Makes Imaging all Types of Gel or Blot Quick and Easy

17 Nov 2010

Syngene announces its new range of G:BOX image analysis systems. The systems have been completely restyled to include the latest imaging technology and new software, which guides users to their optimum filter and lighting conditions, making imaging all types of gel or blot quick and easy.

The new silver G:BOX image analysis systems all come with innovative touch screen GeneSys image capture software. Unlike any other image capture software on the market this software uses applications to guide scientists effortlessly through image set-up, using its database of imaging conditions for hundreds of commercially available DNA, RNA and protein dyes. GeneSys rapidly produces suggestions for optimum filters and lighting according to the hardware in each

G:BOX, saving users the time and effort of looking up recommended detection conditions for that dye. Researchers then select their combination and the software instructs the G:BOX to automatically set-up the filters and lighting for generating either one or a series of perfect gel or blot images.

The G:BOX has UV and white lighting fitted and a lighting gantry that allows users to clip in any of Syngene’s red, blue, green and infrared LED lighting modules, making it simple to image any combination of commercial fluorescent and visible dyes.

There are five models in the new G:BOX range, ensuring there will be one to suit all fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications and budgets. These include the G:BOX EF2 for imaging fluorescent gels or blots; the G:BOX XR5 for chemiluminescence and fluorescence and the high resolution G:BOX XX8, containing an 8.3m pixel camera for imaging multiplex 1-D and 2-D gels. All G:BOX models come with cooled cameras to provide the best possible images.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager commented: “In 1997, Syngene was the first ever imaging company to market an automated gel documentation system in a box. To maintain that reputation of being ahead of our competitors, we listen to our customers and their biggest imaging problems are choosing filters and lighting.”

Laura continued: “To meet this need, we’re delighted to introduce our new G:BOX range with its incredible new GeneSys image capture software, as well as high resolution cameras, lighting and filters. These features ensure that as long as scientists know what they have stained their gel or blot with, they’ll be guided in seconds to the right imaging set-up for any combination of dyes and means Syngene is once again making market leading technology accessible with its new G:BOX image analysis systems.”