Product News: Syapse and N-of-One Partner to Offer N-of-One’s Clinical Interpretation to Hospitals and Laboratories Using the Syapse Platform

04 Apr 2014

Syapse, the leading provider of software for bringing omics data into routine medical use, and N-of-One, the leading provider of clinical interpretation for precision medicine in oncology, today announced a partnership to make N-of-One’s clinical interpretation available to hospitals and laboratories through interfaces in the Syapse platform.

This partnership will provide clinicians the ability to integrate molecular interpretation information into their workflow in a seamless and efficient manner. Using the Syapse platform, hospitals and laboratories will be able to access N-of-One’s industry-leading clinical interpretation as well as other sources of omics data to build unified molecular profiles and insights for patients. This partnership addresses the need for efficiently displaying the valuable clinical insights that are needed by pathologists and treating physicians to translate molecular interpretation into actionable therapeutic strategies.

“N-of-One is committed to driving precision medicine for clinicians and researchers by providing outstanding clinical interpretation of molecular data,” said Chris Cournoyer, CEO of N-of-One. “By partnering with Syapse, whose solution has been chosen by some of the leading cancer care centers in the world, we will be able to provide N-of-One clinical insights in a way that optimizes the workflow of clinicians, and thus helps drive the adoption of precision medicine in oncology.

“Customers who want the flexibility and scalability of Syapse’s modern software platform also want access to the best clinical interpretation,” said Jonathan Hirsch, Founder & President of Syapse. “Together, Syapse and N-of-One offer a high-value, high-quality, unified presentation that streamlines the process of bringing tumor sequence and other omics data together with actionable insights into clinical decision support focused on the point-of-care.”

Access to N-of-One clinical interpretation will be integrated into the Syapse platform as a standard capability of the Syapse for Labs and Syapse for Hospitals products. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.