Product News: Pre-cloned Promoter and 3’UTR Luciferase Reporter GoClone™ Assays

03 Oct 2011

SwitchGear Genomics offers a complete reporter assay solution for understanding gene regulation in the living cell. The genome-wide panels of transfection-ready, GoClone™ reporter assays measure the transcriptional control and post-transcriptional regulation of any gene in the genome.

The company delivers assay-ready, sequence-verified promoter and 3’UTR constructs for individual genes and experimentally-validated biological pathways to study the effects of transcription factor binding and the functional targets of miRNAs in living cells. SwitchGear also does the vector construction and validation so you don’t have to.

SwitchGear Reporter GoClones

• 18,000 endogenous human promoter reporters
• 12,000 endogenous human 3’UTR reporters

Screening Services

• Cell based screening services with 48 validated human promoter reporter vectors for: 
      o HIF, nuclear receptors, STAT, NFkB, p53, CREB, SREBP pathways 
      o Secondary screening and off target analysis
• Sequence variant analysis
• miRNA target validation services

Visit SwitchGear Genomics at booth 1304 at ICHG 2011.