Product News: Swift Biosciences Launches Accel-NGS™ 2S DNA Library Kit – Dramatically Reduces Sample Requirements for NGS Sample Prep

03 Mar 2014

Swift Biosciences, Inc. has announced the launch of the Accel-NGS™ 2S DNA Library Kit for Illumina Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) systems.

Incorporating patent-pending technology, the Swift “2S” kit provides linear yields from inputs ranging from 10 pg to 1 µg. PCR-free libraries can be produced from as little as 100 ng. Unlike other commercially available kits, exceptional quality and evenness of coverage are obtained even at very low levels of DNA input. The product is also is ideally suited for clinical samples such as FFPE tissues and plasma. 

A single kit for  varied DNA library needs

Accel-NGS 2S enables NGS laboratories to stock and use a single kit for their varied DNA library needs, ranging from high molecular weight DNA to limited quantity, damaged FFPE samples. In addition to whole genome sequencing, Accel-NGS 2S is also compatible with the leading hybridization capture products and is suitable for ChIP-Seq.

Built with usability in mind, the 2S protocol is readily automatable for those with high throughput applications. The wide dynamic range of input makes pre-library quantification optional, further streamlining workflow.