Product News: Studies Indicate that VivoSight OCT Reliably Predicts Tumor Margins

17 Jan 2013

Accurate determination of tumor margins is vital to the successful treatment of skin cancer patients. This is especially the case for patients undergoing Moh’s Micrographic Surgery where complete tumor removal may require repeated invasive procedures.

Recent studies conducted in two US Healthcare facilities used the VivoSight OCT scanner, manufactured in the UK by Michelson Diagnostics Ltd, to prospectively refine clinically estimated tumor margins prior to Moh’s Micrographic Surgery.

The first 52 patient study conducted by Professor Dan Seigel (Department of Dermatology, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York) concluded that: “OCT assessment has the potential to reduce the excised area without compromising the integrity of tumor-free borders.”

The second, a case study of a patient with very ill defined margins concluded that: “High-resolution imaging with a multi-beam OCT device can accurately predict tumor margins of a BCC prior to Moh’s Micrographic Surgery” and went on to say “with any tumor, particularly ill-defined ones, the use of OCT could potentially reduce the number of stages required to clear the tumor leading to shorter operative times and reduction of cost.”

Dr Gertraud Kraehn-Senftleben, a member of the German Onkoderm Network, and one of the first clinicians to use the VivoSight OCT scanner in routine clinical practice commented: “These studies reflect the day to day experience in our clinic. We routinely scan tumor margins prior to Micrographic Surgery and our experience of more than 150 patients is that it reduces the amount of repeat surgery required. This is a great benefit for both the patient and the Dermatologist.”