Product News: Agreement Adds Fertility Testing to SpringFire’s Clinical Research Offering

10 Oct 2012

SpringFire Laboratory Network has announced the addition of ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics of Boston to its network of affiliate laboratories, which provides specialized testing services to clinical trial sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs). The agreement adds ReproSource’s male and female fertility testing services — including reproductive immunology, endocrinology, andrology and genetics — to SpringFire’s offering.

“The addition of ReproSource, the premier clinical laboratory for clinical fertility testing and research, to the SpringFire network of laboratories further strengthens our offering in the marketplace,” said Jim McClintic, Managing Partner of SpringFire Laboratory Network. “We look forward to working closely with ReproSource as we continue to build a high quality, clinical research organization to meet the growing demand for fertility testing and other clinical research services.”

The ReproSource addition brings the total number of SpringFire affiliate laboratories to eight with more than 1,000 testing offerings.

ReproSource brings an extensive background in trials and research, including sperm DNA integrity testing, and ovarian reserve and hormone testing. A recent ReproSource study of Antimullerian Hormone (AMH) testing for ovarian reserve assessment represents the largest AMH study to date, involving 17,120 patients. The company’s extensive involvement in ovarian reserve testing research led to the development of an ovarian assessment diagnostic test that is the most accurate assessment of egg supply available using a single blood specimen and is used internationally by fertility experts. ReproSource also developed an assay for identifying damage to sperm cells caused by oxidative stress.

“Expanding our work with clinical research, product development and clinical trials is a great step forward in our mission to advance the field of fertility diagnostics and reproductive medicine,” said ReproSource Vice President Charles Jenkins. “We are very excited to be a part of the Springfield Laboratory Network. Previously, measuring the effects of new medical treatments on egg supply and semen quality has been difficult to assess quantitatively. We look forward to helping identify the most cost effective way to ensure new treatments do not have adverse effects on egg supply.”

As experts in fertility testing and research, Jenkins said ReproSource offers SpringFire and its customers an exclusive fertility focus and multiple disciplines under one roof along with a biobank of blood and semen, male and female fertility testing, robust data management and flexible reporting.

With a combined menu of more than 1,000 specialty tests, SpringFire offers sponsors and CROs expertise and testing services in numerous therapeutic areas, including anatomical pathology, molecular genetics and women’s health.