Product News: Source BioScience Launches New Illumina MiSeq Next Generation DNA Sequencing Service

25 Oct 2012

Source BioScience, the European leader in DNA sequencing and genomic services, has announced the launch of an extended next generation sequencing service using the new Illumina MiSeq™ technology platform.

The launch of the MiSeq™ service establishes Source BioScience as the only commercial provider of this new technology in the UK, maintaining the Group’s position at the forefront of sequencing services as well as affirming it as the largest UK provider of Illumina sequencing.

The MiSeq™ service addresses the “middle ground” between the Group’s existing Overnight Service for sequencing and the ultra-high throughput HiSeq™ service, enabling access to new markets and customers for next generation sequencing.

The MiSeq™ presents significant opportunities for the Group’s Healthcare division, applying next generation sequencing to molecular diagnostics, a key component of the business. The latest developments in cancer diagnostics and personalized treatment for patients are aimed at creating integrated genetic tests that characterize cancers at the molecular level to improve diagnosis and treatment outcome.

Dr Nick Ash, CEO of Source BioScience said: “The MiSeq™ offers rapid turnaround times for next generation sequencing, enabling scientists to access an increasing range of sequencing applications, which will attract new customers to our LifeSciences services.

“In addition, the introduction of the MiSeq™ is instrumental in realizing the aims of the Technology Strategy Board grant awarded to Source BioScience in 2011. Under this grant, Source BioScience is collaborating with a number of international partners to develop an integrated genetic test to personalize the diagnosis and treatment of cancers.”