Product News: Siemens to Create Companion Diagnostic Test for In-Development Janssen Heart Failure Drug

20 Jun 2013

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has announced its entrance into a collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV to design, develop and commercialize a companion diagnostic test associated with an early-stage compound being developed by Janssen. This compound targets autoantibodies directed against the human β1-adrenergic receptor (β1-AR) that may contribute to the development of heart failure.

Under the agreement, Siemens will work with Janssen to design immunoassay-based companion diagnostic tests for use in Janssen's clinical studies. The Siemens Clinical Laboratory (SCL), an innovative and high-complexity testing laboratory designed to advance personalized medicine, will develop the clinical trial assay that will be used in Janssen’s clinical trials. In parallel, Siemens will develop and validate an in vitro diagnostic test as a companion diagnostic for the Janssen therapeutic product. The companion diagnostic test will be broadly commercialized on Siemens' central laboratory automated immunoassay systems.

Heart failure is generally a progressive disease characterized by the heart muscle’s inability to adequately pump oxygenated blood through the body. An estimated 23 million people around the world have been diagnosed with heart failure, a number that is projected to increase. For most causes of heart failure, there is no known cure.

“Our relationship with Janssen marks an important next step in Siemens’ personalized medicine strategy,” said Michael Reitermann, CEO, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “As a leading clinical diagnostics company, with the tools and technologies to help define the future of patient care, we are looking forward to collaborating with Janssen and extending their position in cardiac therapies.”