Product News: Siemens Launches New Compact and Fully-Automated Hemostasis Analyzers

28 Jun 2012

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has launched the Sysmex® CA-600 Systems, a new series of compact, fully-automated hemostasis testing analyzers. Available worldwide in two models—Sysmex CA-620 and CA-660—these systems are designed to handle routine and specialty testing for both the lower-volume laboratory needing a robust standalone system as well as the higher-volume lab requiring a powerful backup analyzer.

Hemostasis testing needs vary from laboratory to laboratory, with some facilities only performing routine pre-operative testing, while others also conduct specialty testing. In either scenario, steadily increasing patient testing volumes, coupled with growing demand to produce reliable results quickly, have required laboratories to seek hemostasis testing solutions that enhance efficiency by providing consistent results and streamline workflow.

The Sysmex CA-620 analyzer is specifically designed for those labs conducting basic clotting tests, whereas the Sysmex CA-660 analyzer also offers additional chromogenic and immunoassay testing, including the INNOVANCE® Antithrombin Assay2, INNOVANCE D-Dimer Assay, and INNOVANCE VWF Ac Assay. Both models are fully automated, allowing labs to consolidate their hemostasis testing needs onto one random-access diagnostic platform.

“Siemens offers a large selection of hemostasis analyzers and assays, and we are dedicated to providing custom-fit solutions to labs of all sizes,” said Stefan Wolf, CEO, Hemostasis, Hematology and Specialty Business Unit, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “Supplying lower-volume laboratories with robust solutions that offer advanced capabilities typically found only in larger hemostasis systems is an important part of meeting this commitment.”

Additional features of both the Sysmex CA-620 and CA-660 include a color LCD touch screen with intuitive menu options that enables efficient sample tracking and a hand-held two dimensional barcode reader for automated reading of assigned values, lot numbers and expiration dates of standards, controls and PT reagents. Furthermore, at any time during operation, STAT sample testing capabilities expedite priority testing with routine and STAT prothrombin time (PT) test results available in about seven minutes, and D-Dimer test results in approximately nine minutes.